January 11, 2011

The Hipster

In recent years the Hipster trend, fad, way, attitude, whatever you want to call it exploded.  Here in Los Angeles the popular and well-known Silverlake is the epicenter of Hipster-dom.  I casually ended up in a coffee shop in Silverlake one rainy day and by casually I mean in an old hooded college sweater and awkward looking jeans, obviously not having the best of fashion days.  And though everyone else was casually dressed they had some how done it in a hip stylish way.  I stood there awkwardly sipping on my cup of coffee with no where to sit, the place was absolutely packed with hip dressing hipsters with their hip attitudes that came off as somewhat unfriendly and even still I held an inner feeling of wanting to impress them some how because they were... well, so - damn- h-i-p!

It was quite easy to tell who belonged and who didn't, me being the former.  Inside I spited them for having  such cool style & attitude, wearing their plaid shirts rolled up at the cuffs, tight pants with pointy shoes and their cool haircuts that just look so darn deliciously messy?!  This isn't just a style I realized, it's a way, it's a way of thinking and a way of being, and only then can you really be a hipster... now this, I can appreciate.

Only hipsters have the power to bring back neon spandex tights from the 80's

When I think 'Hipster' Kirsten Dunst pops into my head (someone we all know and can talk about).  Check out her fashionable self  in the below pictures, a perfect example of the Hipster style.


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